Welcome to my homepage.

I'm in the process of creating this webserver, so it may take a while until this side is dealth with.
As a horrifying example, you can always take a look at my old homepage through some data recovery. I hope I will do better in the future.... ;-)

At the end of my studies on civil engineering in physics in Umeå I started the company Network Electronic AB together with my friend P-O. I worked for a couple of years as a consultant with electronics, computers, design, programming of micro controllers, auto test systems, ... and so on.
Currently the company is put in low gear and I am working as a computer engineer at the center for musculosceletal diseases, University of Gävle. Although it may sound as my work place is in Gävle, we are actually located at the campus of the University of Umeå.
Me at a student party.

An incomplete list of my hobbies are :
Golddigging, mineral collecting, coin collecting, computers, caving, electronics, rocket building, meteorites, prime numbers, electron microscopes, jewellry ....

Some "stuff" that I have for sale and other sites I've made :

Some of my friends homepages

Britney Spears guide to semiconductor physics.
Privacy Guard.
Quick Wiper.

Göran Axelsson
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