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Coin of the month : USA 5 dollar gold 1835.

Important news!

This site is under major reconstruction, all the coin pages is going to be database based. It will be a real mess until everything is done, but it is going to be good.... sometime...

And now back to the old site....

My coin collection

I started collecting coins back in 1978. At that time I was only 12 years old and the basis of my coin collection was about a kilo of outdated copper coins ( 5, 2 and 1 öre ), an album to put the coins in and a rainy summerday with my grandmother. The first album were filled by these coins and soon forgotten... Then one day when I was swapping stamps with a friend, he offered me some old coins instead of stamps and from that day I abandoned my stamps in favor for the coins.

I have always used computers to keep a list of the collection, and the list have been rewritten a couple of times. It started back at 1982 when I got an account on a Norsk Data ND100 in the school, then to my Sinclair QL. From there I could get it over to my 386 PC via RS232. Now it is converted to HTML and I'm adding scanned images of my coins.

This list is under constant development, and It's time to change the format once again. At the moment the list is split into separate directories for each country and then coded as separate HTML pages. The next step is to make it into a database. Since the pages are still under construction I'm not going to make them public yet.
By the way, a lot of the spellings are in Swedish, but I'm changing it.

Upplagesiffror för Svenska moderna mynt
Svenska besittningar och dess myntning.

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