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This is a collection of resources on this and other sites I thought to be relevant for my own sake. If someone else is finding this page useful it's all the better.
I'm trying to set up an EM lab just for fun, and I have already got an JEOL Jem 100CX TEM

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The principe of EM

TEM / SEM online courses

Detectors for EM

Various models of SEM and TEM

  • JEOL 35C - ... 1971 .. 1979 ...
    JEOL JSM 35C Scanning Electron Microscope
    Bridging the magnification and resolution gap between the light and electron microscope (TEM), the scanning electron microscope (SEM) can easily produce surface images over a broad range of magnification (20X to 180,000X) with a resolution of 60 nm.
    With the ability to accommodate specimens of relatively large size (25 cm) and its tremendous depth of field, the SEM produces vivid three dimensional images of a variety of samples.
  • Philips 515 SEM
    Might leak X-rays, have to be modified.
  • JEOL 100 CX .... ~1980.
    JEOL 100 CX-II Scanning-Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) The TEMSCAN 100CX-II is a high performance combined electron microscope consisting of the 100CX-II TEM and a scanning attachment of ASID-4D; it has a magnification range for the TEM mode of 360X to 320,000X and 10X to 200,000X for theSEM mode, with a resolution of 2nm or better.
  • JEOL 200 CX.
    JEM 200CX on the university of Leuven.
  • Hitachi H600 TEM

Modern producers of EM instruments

EM-labs with good homepages



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